Like eating at a close friend's home, if not better

Worthy rooftop cafés are few and far between in Delhi, and we believe a Mughal-Moroccan-Mexican themed haveli in Chhattarpur is a very alluring setting for one. This one has aquamarine doorframes and pots of bougainvillea adorning the outside, while diwans for couches and unrestrained natural light grace the inside. Serendipity Café is, quite literally, the crowning glory of the concept store that otherwise exercises right over most of the haveli.
Ending up in the deserted-yet-beautiful space on a weekday afternoon felt like being invited to a friend's peaceful home on the outskirts of the city. The meal was similar in character—more relaxed than a usual restaurant but still trying to make an impression.
Cold coffee and lemonade cooled us off whilst we waited for a black forest potato salad to arrive. Neatly put together in a large bowl meant clearly for comfort food, its dressing was a pleasant pink in colour, which came from having blended red wine, cream and mayonnaise together. The baby potatoes had been boiled to be soft but not mushy. Black olives and chopped parsley lifted some weight off the dish. 

A chicken burger wasn't as refreshing, though—the patty seemed frozen rather than freshly made, and it could have used mayo more sparingly. We'd also have preferred the accompanying fries to be less oily.

Our spirits were instantly re-lifted with an outstanding mushroom quiche. It was larger than most quiches we've eaten in Delhi—a whole pie—with a firm crust and light, fluffy center.
We lingered over our meal, only because the environment was conducive. The host for the day (owner Kuldeep Kaur's brother, who was filling in for her) walked in just as we were about to finish. His warm smile and obvious penchant for hospitality charmed us into ordering tea to go with the complimentary slices of carrot and chocolate cake, although we were very full already. Both cakes were moderately sweet, and left us wanting to skip adding sugar to our cups of masala chai. 
Lifting ourselves off the diwans took more effort than it normally would've. Had work not been waiting at the other end of Delhi, we'd have spent the whole day in this lovely space, reclining against the pristine bolsters and reading Dalrymple.
Opening hours: 13:00-19:30 Mon-Sun.
Serendipity Café
Bill for two 
Food ₹ 1,125
Drinks₹ 385
Total₹ 1,510
238/4 Jonapur, Chhattarpur
Mandi Road
New Delhi 110047