We create limited-edition menus and concepts for restaurants and bars.

If you’re looking to add punch to an existing menu, or just for a brain partner to give what you do a more cerebral edge, we’re happy to #bingecurate.

 Here’s some stuff we’ve already done

cocktail menu
The Piano Man Jazz Club, New Delhi
February 2017
A cocktail menu inspired by headlines in musical history, from Elvis Presley's wedding to the Rat Pack's antics on the Golden Globes stage. We conceptualised ten cocktails that the Piano Man bar put together and served for three weeks.
Menu © Binge 2017.
Afternoon tea in partnership with Airbnb Experiences
Delhi and Dublin
We were on the Airbnb website as an experience host for afternoon teas in Delhi and Dublin. Delhi had a cold-brewed tea menu while Dublin had tea blends inspired by Japan, China, Turkey and India.
Literature themed brunch
Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, New Delhi
December 2016
Five chefs who specialise in five distinct cuisines came together to cook and lay out a five-course brunch. Each course was inspired by a literary icon.
Menu © Binge 2016; each dish © chef.


Binge Salon Night
SodaBottleOpenerWala, Khan Market, Delhi
November 2017
We hosted a salon night for starting conversations about breaking stereotypes in Delhi. Industry experts spoke across two evenings and attendees participated over drinks.
The concept is an intellectual property of Binge. 
© Binge 2017.
Chaikhaneh, in Iran, are places of rest along the journey, places to shake off the dust of the road, and to gather together to sip tea. Along with Persian chef & healer Anaida Parvaneh, we talked guests through tea culture in Iran.
SodaBottleOpenerWala, Khan Market, Delhi
April 2017