About us 

Binge is an independent food magazine. Journalistic at heart, it focuses on progressive, global narratives and alternative interpretations of food culture.

We report and comment on food-centric news, start conversations about trends and the food habits of people, give experts the chance to share their knowledge, review restaurants, produce videos, profile cuisine, fictionalise food and also selectively recommend food experiences across the world (see itineraries).


The majority of our content isn’t localised and we aim to cover food globally. Our restaurant reviews, however, are mainly from Delhi and London—with the odd exception. All reviews are conducted anonymously and meals are paid for. We are not affiliated with any restaurants or chefs and don’t promote anything that our team of experts doesn’t endorse. We do, however, welcome sponsors who may have similar values. Any Binge content that is sponsored will clearly state so.

Sponsored content (or advertorials) will be crafted by our experts to ensure that it’s in line with Binge style and philosophies, and that it offers more value to our readers than an ordinary ad.

The Team 
Our story  

We prefer giving competent professionals a chance and getting them noticed—be it food businesses, restaurants, and chefs, or the writers and photographers who contribute to our stories. We prefer to encourage under-noticed professionals who are good at what they do and deserve recognition. 

As a team, we believe in honest and unbiased writing, respect for the craft and for each other, and unabashed eating and drinking. Our aim is to create content not just of quality and lasting value, but also set a trend for healthy working environments with zero tolerance for office politics. We’re proud to have a team of professionals that adheres to these values.

Design concept

Binge is about food, but it’s also about writing and reading. We wanted to translate that into a minimalist logo.

Our lead designer Hitesh Singhal likened the idea to a constellation. Flavour, texture, aroma, and presentation come together, and finish off in the form of a period — our signature coral dot. This signature, dynamic dot is our avant-garde take on a constellation, which stands for everything that Binge has to offer—be it food, drink, travel, or news.

We believe in letting our content do the talking. Our design has been thought out and executed to reflect that.